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Testimonials about Liftruck Training Institute Of Canada

We are happy to share the following testimonials which are actual letters that we received in regard to the quality of our service. If you want to tell us about your experience, please fill out the form on this page.

Great Commitment 

Bernie, I’d like to thank you very much for your contribution to the Operational Training 2018 Training Season. The success of our programs is dependent upon the support of other work groups working with ATCO so your commitment is greatly appreciated. 

This year you developed, prepared and delivered several courses as part of our 2018 Training Season. Your knowledge, experience and hard work drove the success of these courses and contributed to the very positive feedback received from the course participants.

I have included below some of the feedback that we had received from the courses you taught. 

On behalf of Operational Training, I would like to thank you again for your commitment to the training program and look forward to working with you in the future.


Sheri Tchir 

Supervisor, Operational Training 

Comprehensive Training Programs

Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association has had a long standing and positive business relationship with Liftruck Training Institute of Canada Inc. We found their safety training program to be comprehensive and their trainers to be professional and knowledgeable regarding their safety training program.

Liftruck Training Institute of Canada Inc.’s solid safety training program has been well received by the Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association and those who have received the Forklift Operator Training from Liftruck Training Institute of Canada Inc.


Lorne Kleppe, CHRP, CRSP
Executive Director

Top-Notch Products

On January 22, 2007, we had an incident in our yard involving an accident with the forklift. The employee was very fortunate that there were no serious injuries, which we did not know this at the time of the accident, so we called 911 to dispatch an ambulance to our workplace. Of course, as soon as you call an ambulance to a workplace accident, the RCMP and Occupational Health & Safety are also notified.

I was out doing another job at the time. Our secretary called me to let me know what happened and that the RCMP and OH&S were on their way to investigate the accident. When I got to the shop, the local RCMP were there and went through the accident with me. An OHS officer was on his way from Edmonton to meet with me and the people involved with the accident.

This officer told me that it’s not very often that they get to interview the person who was injured due to a forklift accident; usually the results are more severe resulting in a fatality or very serious injuries. I showed the officer where the accident took place in the yard. He took a few pictures and made some notes. He then wanted to get the 2 employees and myself and meet in our board room to discuss the events that took place.

His first question was directed to the injured person and he asked him how he was feeling.

His second question was, “I need to see your certification that allows you to operate the forklift.”

Our company does not allow anyone to operate the forklift until they have been certified. Thank God!!

We were able to produce his certificate which shows that he took the course offered by LTI.

The officer then asked him where he got this certificate from and the employee said that Jerry Cowan gave it to me after passing the course. The officer then asked Jerry, “What qualifies you to give any of your employees information on the safe operations of a forklift?” I told him that I am a certified Forklift Safety Instructor through LTI; at that, he wanted to see my Instructor’s Certificate. After he saw that I had taken my Instructor course through LTI and that the injured employee’s Operator’s Certificate was through LTI, and that his Operator’s Certificate had not expired, he looked across the table and said to me, “I can see right now Jerry that this meeting is going to go very well for your company.”

You want to talk about a ton of weight all of the sudden being lifted off your shoulders. I just about fell to the floor when he said that.

Under Bill C-45, our company could not be charged due to negligence to our employees when it comes to safety and forklift operations.

This meeting I had with an OHS officer proved one thing to the company and myself, especially under the conditions on an accident, and that is that LTI is a well-recognized organization through Occupational Health & Safety.

We as a company would like to thank LTI in all the hard work they have done in putting together a top-notch product and allowing us as Instructors to deliver this information to our employees.

We know for a fact that if our forklift operators were not certified to operate them, we would have been charged under Bill C-45. This is not something that any company wants to see.

Again, thank you very much LTI.

Jerry Cowan
Platinum Energy

Generous Community Partners

Good morning. From all of us here at The InKind Centre, we would like to express our most sincere thank you to Roger, you, and the rest of the team at Liftruck Training Institute Of Canada for the donated forklift training.

It is because of generous community partners like Liftruck Training Institute that help the United Way make an impact in our community. Because of your generosity, we can channel valuable resources to such agencies as The Fort Saskatchewan Boys and Girls Club, which received over $67,000 in United Way resource allocation. This essential funding allows them to expand their programs to the youth of a community like Fort Saskatchewan.

We all enjoyed the professional instruction from Roger, as well as having a great time out in the yard during our practical.

Thank you again and have a great day.

Earl Pasechnik
The InKind Centre

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