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Aerial work platforms

Industrial Aerial Work Platform Course

Industrial aerial work platform courses can be either separate scissor lift or boom lift courses or they can be taken together as a combination course. All aerial work platform courses require valid fall protection certification as a pre-requisite.

Industrial courses cover the following:

  • OH&S regulations and adopted standards (employer and employee obligations)
  • Injury and fatality statistics
  • Hazard assessment, elimination and controls and job planning
  • Choosing the right machine for the job
  • Machine main components, safety systems and inspections
  • Fall protection requirements
  • Machine stability
  • Safe operating techniques and considerations
  • Knowledge and skill evaluation

Bucket Truck Course

Course time: 4-6 hours

Theory Portion

  • Introductions
  • General Safety in the Workplace
      • Injuries and fatalities statistics
      • A discussion about why they happen
  • Legislation and Standards for Bucket Truck Use in the Workplace
      • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Review of Equipment Components
      • Where they are, how they work and how to use them
  • Equipment Inspection
      • What to inspect and how to inspect the major components of the truck and aerial device
  • Workplace Hazards
      • A review of general and likely hazards encountered while using bucket trucks
      • A review of FLHAs and dealing with identified hazards
  • Safe Operational Considerations
  • Stability Concerns
      • Why things tip over
      • What causes or leads to Bucket Truck tip-overs
      • Prevention of tip-overs
  • Exam

Practical Evaluations

  • Pre-Use Inspection
      • Complete inspection using company inspection checklist
      • FLHA if required in the training area
  • Evaluation of Operators
      • Proper set-up
      • Proper use of all functions and controls including smoothness of operation
      • Proper shut down


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