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Forklift Training in Calgary & Edmonton

Forklifts are powerful machines that are used for heavy-duty jobs. Whether you work in a warehouse, on a construction site, or at a recycling centre this equipment is very useful.

Since OHS regulations require that you be a certified operator, you will be glad that you received the necessary training and certification here at Liftruck Training Institute of Canada. As you move heavy crates, containers, and equipment, you'll use the skills from our forklift training course.

About Our Forklift Training Program

Liftruck Training Institute of Canada Inc. offers six-hour to eight-hour forklift training courses and four-hour to six-hour forklift recertification courses in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas. Each participant will receive an operator safety manual. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be issued an operator's wallet card. Wall certificates will be issued upon request.

During our theory session, you can expect the itinerary to include introductions and an overview of topics like:

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Regulations, standards, and policies
  • Forklift and worksite hazards
  • Pre-operational and visual checks
  • Forklift and load stability
  • Working safely with propane, gas, diesel, or batteries
  • Safe operating procedures and techniques
  • Load handling

At the conclusion of the theory session, you will take the written certificate examination. For the practical session, the instructor will take you through a pre-use inspection and a review of the controls, and then you will be required to perform and be evaluated on routine tasks on the forklift.

If you are interested, we also offer a course on Power Pallet Jack that takes between three and four hours. You can even combine the two courses to get it all done in one day.

Due to the unique characteristics of Telehandler Forklifts and Truck Mounted Forklifts, they are each offered as separate classes from other forklift equipment.

Call for More Information

If you live in Edmonton or Calgary and need a forklift for professional or personal purposes, call today . We will help you get certified so that you can start operating your equipment as soon as possible. Reach us in Edmonton at   780-998-5527   or Calgary at  403-265-5438   for more information about our courses.


Discuss your workplace training needs with our staff.

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Offering courses in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas. We can even come to you!

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