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Liftruck Training Institute of Canada Provides Reliable Forklift Training for Calgary & Edmonton

LTI Safety Programs

When you or your company needs recognized and effective operator safety and forklift training in Calgary for material handling equipment, look no further than Liftruck Training Institute of Canada Inc. Our certified operator safety training programs include:

Benefits of LTI Training

For 20 years, Liftruck Training Institute Of Canada Inc. has, through our certified courses , trained Canadians how to be safe, effective operators of material-handling machines and aerial work platforms. We have trained more than 400 operators to be in-house instructors for our clients.


All LTI courses help the participants understand the Federal and Provincial laws and their related Industry Standards that guide them in their daily work.


LTI course content includes the discussion of hazards, their impact in the workplace, the ongoing role of participants with respect to hazards, and the proper and safe operating techniques that allow hazards to be eliminated or minimized and controlled.


LTI instructors understand the high costs of complacency and substandard training in the workplace. Therefore, they don’t just present the course material; they make it relevant to the participants. Relevance brings understanding and understanding brings the motivation from within that affects positive change. The result is a strong, safety-conscious attitude from employees that pervades the entire workplace environment.


Employers benefit greatly when LTI trained operators work for them. There is a peace of mind that comes with a reduction in incidents that involve product, equipment and environmental damage or personnel injury.

Our Mission

At Liftruck Training Institute Of Canada, our mission is to train operators of material-handling equipment and aerial work platforms to be the safest and most effective operators in the workplace. We also offer superior forklift training programs in Calgary and Edmonton conducted by experienced and effective instructors, with a higher content quality than most other programs.

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